P&S Market Research(ピーアンドエスマーケットリサーチ)

P&S Market Research(ピーアンドエスマーケットリサーチ)
  • 主な調査対応産業:医療、製薬、エネルギー、電子、産業装置など多様
  • 主な調査対応地域:グローバル
In a large and developing economy, rapid changes in the industry make it necessary for professionals to keep themselves updated with the latest market dynamics. Here, the ability to quickly respond to these changes determines the success of a business enterprise. All markets and customer driven business enterprises tailor their strategies for achieving growth, along with an aim to stay ahead in the competition. These strategies are framed on the basis of in-depth analysis and research on the market.

P&S Market Research believes that market research study should provide world class market insights, which can be leveraged by mid and large corporates to excel in their business. We believe that a true market research study should unearth valuable, accurate and reliable data insights that help organizations to meet their business objectives and enable growth.

P&S Market Research believes in offering customized services to cater specific business requirements of each of our clients. This is supported by our best-in-class primary and secondary research methodologies, processes and quality control measures. Our researchers are experts from various domains. Our belief in providing accurate and timely market research services has supported several global corporations in their strategic and tactical decision making.

The process of developing such a cutting edge strategic roadmap can involve one or several of the following:
• Demand estimation and forecasting
• Market entry planning
• Market segmentation and product differentiation
• Competitive benchmarking
• Technological assessment
• Identifying demand gaps and niche markets
• Market dynamics
• Identifying new business opportunities
• Techno economic feasibility studies

P&S Market Research Approach
Market Research and analytics is the basis of goal establishment for any business, whether it’s at the commencement phase, or in BAU (Business As Usual). As a global market research and consulting firm, P&S Market Research provides a robust and a multi-dimensional picturesque analysis on markets, industry reports accompanied with sheer business intelligence and research based consulting services globally across various industries. The coherent market research approach of our researchist’ team includes:
• Panoramic market outlook
• Current market trends
• Key growth drivers
• Challenges of the key industry players
• Untapped opportunities
• Historical market size
• Market size forecasting
• Mergers & acquisitions activity
• Competitive positioning of key competitors
• Market share analysis
• Profiles of the major competitors of the industry
• Strategic developments in the industry

P&S Market Research Vision
To be the most trusted partner in our customer’s success endeavors.

P&S Market Research Mission
To ensure our clients experience the power of certainty in envisioning their growth with our unbiased research intelligence and consulting services.

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