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Japan Market Research Reports Reseller Partner Company
What is the []?

[] is a marketplace to sell and buy market research reports. It covers global region (ex. Europe, America, Asia Pacific, China, Japan, etc.) and various industries (ex. IT, Electronics, Automobile, Health Care, Consumer Goods, Service, Energy, Material, Industrial Machines, etc.). Most of customers are Japanese companies who want to research or enter into foreign market. That is why [] is provided in Japanese. But, reports are ether in English or Japanese.

Who is operating?

[] is operated by H&I Global Research Co. in Japan. H&I Global Research is a global market research and consulting company located in Japan.

H&I Global Research Co., Ltd.
– Address : 1-6-12 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN (104-0033)
– TEL : +81-3-6555-2340 (English OK)
– FAX : +81-3-6869-4083
– Homepage :
– Email : (English OK)

How to start business?

If you want to sell your research reports written in English at [] to Japanese customers, please feel free to contact us via Email. We will reply to you within 2 working days with the information on business flow and trading conditions. We need to make a distributorship agreement. H&I Global Research receives sales commission from you.
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“H&I Global Research” is a trademark of our company.