Apple Payの将来展望

【英語タイトル】Insight Report: The Future of Apple Pay

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The report provides insights into Apple’s mobile payment solution, Apple Pay:

• It analyzes factors contributing to adoption of Apple Pay along with challenges.

• It analyzes Apple Pay’s impact on payment security.

• It explores whether merchants and consumers are ready to accept Apple Pay.

• It outlines its potential impact on key market participants and competitors.

• It explores whether Apple Pay is a game changer for mobile payments and NFC.

• This report covers the competitive landscape for Apple Pay.

• It provides a comparative analysis of hardware-based secure element vs cloud-based host card emulation technology.

• It discusses impact of Apple Pay on key card schemes, issuers, POS vendors, merchant acquirers, mobile network operators and smartphone manufacturers.

• It analyzes the impact of EMV migration in the US.


1 Executive Summary

2 Demystifying Apple Pay
2.1 Driving Factors and Challenges
2.2 Is Apple Pay an Innovation or Permeation?

3 Impact on Payment Security
3.1 The State of Card Fraud in the US
3.2 Apple Pay’s Impact on Card Security

4 The Secure Element vs Host Card Emulation Conundrum

5 Competitive Landscape in the US and Beyond
5.1 The US
5.2 Penetration and Competition outside the US
5.2.1 Potential markets for Apple Pay
5.2.2 Competition to Apple Pay outside the US

6 Are Consumers and Merchants Ready to Accept Apple Pay?

7 Apple Pay – Impact on Key Market Participants
7.1 International Card Networks
7.2 Card Issuers
7.3 POS and Technology Vendors
7.4 Main Competitors in Mobile Payments
7.4.1 Google wallet
7.4.2 Softcard
7.4.3 CurrentC
7.5 Smartphone Manufacturers
7.6 Merchant Acquirers
7.7 Mobile Network Operators

8 Is Apple Pay the Inflection Point for Mobile Payments?

9 Appendix
9.1 Methodology
9.2 Contact Timetric
9.3 About Timetric
9.4 Timetric’s Services
9.5 Disclaimer

Table 1: Levels of Card Security
Table 2: Apple Pay vs Current and Potential Competitors in the US
Table 3: Zapp in the UK, December 2014
Table 4: Potential Competitors Outside the US
Table 5: Key Stores and Apps Accepting Apple Pay, November 2014
Table 6: Apple Pay – Most Used Merchant Locations in November 2014
Table 7: Digital Enablement Service Fees

Figure 1: Apple Pay – Drivers and Challenges
Figure 2: Card Fraud in the US (US$ Billion), 2014E
Figure 3: Card Fraud – the US vs Europe, 2010–2014E
Figure 4: Secure Element vs Host Card Emulation
Figure 5: NFC-Enabled POS Terminals, 2014E
Figure 6: EMV Migration Timeline in the US
Figure 7: MSC Revenue Share of a Typical US$100 Credit Card Transaction through Apple Pay
Figure 8: Non-Card E-Commerce and Mobile Payments (US$ Billion), 2010–2014


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