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UAE has been projected as one of the upcoming IVF market meeting all international health expectations and standards in terms of quality of services provided without discrimination. It bears a potential to become a hub for promoting medical tourism keeping in mind the recent changes that have been introduced by the government, healthcare facilities that meet international standards and the well qualified doctors that are willing to serve here.

The country has evolved in terms of mindsets pertaining to sensitive issues like reproductive matters and child birth. Women have started prioritising their career and professional growth over bearing children. As a result, number of children per family have reduced from around six to three per family. Women wish to plan their family beyond the age of thirty reducing their probability of natural birth. There an inverse relationship of success of conception and child birth with maternal age and beyond the age of forty, the chances stand bleak. Couples seeking infertility treatment are much aware of the possibilities that are available along with their success rates and financial restraints.

UAE meets all the essential requirements to set up a world class IVF laboratory, cost of skilled labour, Tax laws are pretty relaxed and earnings as well as savings are pretty high. The country is a cosmopolitan nation accommodating people from all over the world without any discrimination. The outlook for treating as well as receiving treatment from expatriates is pretty outgoing. Ethical issues are stringent to make sure there are no malpractices followed. Regulations have been so drafted to ensure welfare of the patients and overcharging can be prevented.

“UAE IVF Treatment Market Outlook 2018” Report Highlights:
• Current Market Scenario
• IVF Treatment Market Potential
• Treatment cycle & Birth Rate
• Fertility Treatment Loan Facility
• Regulations for Licensing of Fertilization Centers
• Medical Liability Regulations for Healthcare Practitioners
• Competitive Landscape


1. What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment?

2. UAE IVF Treatment Market Overview
2.1 IVF Market Potential
2.2 Treatment Cycles & Birth Rate
2.3 Availability of Fertility Treatment Loan
2.4 Demand for Reproductive Medicine & IVF Lab Equipment

3. Regulatory Framework for Fertility Centers
3.1 Regulations for Licensing of Fertilization Centers
3.2 Implementing Regulation Related to Licensing of Fertilization Centers
3.3 Necessary Medical Equipment Required at the Fertility Center

4. Medical Liability Regulations for Healthcare Practitioners

5. UAE to Emerge as Fertility Treatment Hub in Middle East

6. Competitive Landscape
6.1 Dubai Gynecology and Fertility Centre
6.2 Bourn Hall Clinic
6.3 Fakih IVF
6.4 New Life Medical Centre
6.5 New Life Medical Centre
6.6 The British Clinic

List of Figures

Figure 2-1: UAE – Fertility Rate, 2009 & 2010
Figure 2-2: Fertility Rate in GCC Region
Figure 2-3: UAE – Infertility Cases, 2012-2018
Figure 2-4: UAE – Percentage of Male Patients with Low Sperm Count
Figure 2-5: UAE – Infertility Cases by Gender
Figure 2-6: UAE – IVF Treatment Market Opportunity (US$ Million), 2012-2018
Figure 2-7: UAE – Successful Rate for IVF Treatment by Age Group
Figure 2-8: UAE – Average Cost of IVF Trial & Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
Figure 2-9: UAE – Rate of Interest & Payment Period for IVF Treatment Loan

List of Tables
Table 3-1: UAE – Machine and Quantity in IVF Laboratory and Andrology Unit
Table 3-2: UAE -Machine and Quantity in Operating Room


Dubai Gynecology and Fertility Centre,Bourn Hall Clinic, Fakih IVF, New Life Medical Centre,New Life Medical Centre, The British Clinic