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This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Biogas Plants in US$. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, China, India, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2015 through 2022. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs. The report profiles 87companies including many key and niche players such as –
2G Energy AG
Air Liquide
Bosch KWK Systeme GmbH
Caspari GmbH


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
Product Definitions and Scope of Study
Pressing Need to Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependency Spurs Opportunities for Biogas
Table 1: Global Energy Production: Percentage Share Breakdown of Production Volume by Energy Source – Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Hydroelectricity & Renewables for Years 1990, 2000, 2015 & 2035 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Interest in Renewables Benefits the Biogas Market
Table 2: Worldwide Renewable Electric Power Capacity (2015): Percentage Share Breakdown by Technology for Bio-Power, Geothermal Power, Hydropower, Solar PV, Wind Power and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Current and Future Analysis
Europe Leads Biogas Plants Market, While China Provides Growth Opportunities
Biogas Plants Feed on Diverse Raw Materials Depending on Regional Specifications
Market Outlook
Table 3: Cumulative Number of Biogas Digesters/Systems in Select African and Asian Countries (2014)
Table 4: Targets for Bio-Power from Biogas for Select Countries
Investments Pouring in from Diverse Sectors
Production and Use of Bio-Methane and Fertilizer
Biogas Heat – A Grossly Neglected Sector
Major Contributors and Legal Support Structure
Market Drivers & Trends
Dependence on Crude Oil: A Fundamental Driver
Environmental Concerns Drive Renewable Energy Market
Table 5: Global Green House Gas Emissions by Source (2015) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 6: Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Source (2015) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Emissions Regulations Landscape in Major Country/Region
Renewable Technologies Gains Critical Mass
Table 7: Global Renewable Energy Supply by Source (2015): Percentage Volume Share of Liquid & Solid Biofuels, Biogases, Geothermal, Solar, Wind, Hydro & Renewable Municipal Waste (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Expanding Applications of Biogas
Surging Energy Consumption & Search for Clean Energy – An Opportunity to Tap for Biogas
Table 8: Global Primary Energy Consumption by Geographic Region (2015): Percentage Share Breakdown for Asia, Europe, North America, South and Central America, The Middle East, and Africa (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 9: Estimated Global Demand for Primary Energy and Electricity for the Years 2015-2035 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 10: Global Energy Demand (2040P): Percentage Share Breakdown of Demand by Energy Source (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Rapid Urbanization Strengthens Market Prospects
Table 11: Total Population Worldwide by Urban and Rural Population in Thousands: 2000-2050P (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 12: Most Populous Cities in the World (2014) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 13: Estimated Percentage of Urbanization in World, China and India for the Years 2011 and 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Transportation Industry Shows Interest in Biogas
Increasing Role of Public Sector
Investment Opportunities in Biogas Sector
Biogas Plant Equipment Market to Prosper
Market Challenges & Issues
Market Barriers
Cost Competition from Traditional Energy Sources
Carbon Capture
Rising Concerns Over Natural Resource Depletion May Eclipse Renewable Projects
Lack of Tax Breaks Hindering Research on Coal-Bed Methane
Competitive Landscape
US Scientists Develop Bio-Gasification Process from Abandoned Coal Mines and Coal Waste
DSM Develops Axiase™ 100 Enzyme for Enhanced Usage of Cereal-based Fiber Substrates in Biogas Production
DSM Develops MethaPlus® L100 Enzyme Additive for Improving Efficiency of Biogas Plants
MT-Energie Formulates Demand Oriented and Flexible Power Production Concept
Biogas Plant in Tongeren Uses a Novel Feedstock Pretreatment Method
HomeBiogas Develops Self-Assembled Biogas System in US Market
The Oberlauterbach Biomethane Plant in Germany Makes Use of Hop Silage
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Deploys Biodigester I, the Dry Anaerobic Digestion-Biogas Plant
WiseSoil Creates a Revolutionary Technology for Enhancing Efficiency of Biogas Plant
Japan Installs a New Fermenter-Agitator
Composition of Biogas
Benefits & Uses
Biogas Feedstock
Major Categories of Biogas Sources
Biogas Production from Select Feedstock (in Cubic meters)
Table 14: Approximate Estimated Biogas and Methane Yields for Select Feedstocks (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Agricultural Residues As Feedstock
Types of Agricultural Residues
Forestry Residues/Waste
Forestry Residue
Types of Forestry Residue
Wet Agricultural Wastes
Animal Waste
Poultry Litter
Landfills & Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Energy Crops or Bioenergy Crops
Production of Biogas
Anaerobic Digestion
Anaerobic Digestion Processes
Types of Anaerobic Digesters
By-Products of Anaerobic Digestion
Landfill Gas
Historical Evolution of Biogas Plant
Working of Industrial Biogas Plant
Steps Involved in the Production of Biogas
Biogas Plant Equipment/Components
Advantages of Biogas Energy Generation
Advantages of Biomethane as a Vehicle Fuel
Challenges in Biogas Upgrading & Use as Vehicle Fuel
Nordmethan Takes Over Falkenhagen Biogas Plant
Blue Sphere to Acquire Biogas Plant from Agrilandia Societa Agricola
StormFisher Environmental Acquires London Energy Garden Anaerobic Digester
Clearfleau to Launch Cheese Production Residues AD Plant
GE Inks MoU with Cenergi
Wärtsilä to Deliver Largest Biogas Liquefaction Plant in Norway
GE Power to Construct Biogas Cogeneration Plant in Brazil
Iveco and Consorzio Italiano Biogas Inks Collaborative Agreement
Dong Energy to Construct New Biogas Plant in the UK
Greenlane Biogas Bags Contract from Orgaworld Canada
ZIK Pelagonija JSC Bitola Opens Biogas-Fuelled Power Plant
Trumi Energi Indonesiaku and EnviTec Biogas Sign Cooperation Agreement
Foresight Group Invests to Construct AD Plant in Northern Ireland
SNV Nicaragua Introduces First Medium-Scale Biogas Plant
Fulcrum Forays into the UK Renewables Market
Weltec Group Purchases Two Biomethane Refineries
Blue Sphere Takes Over 4 Biogas Plants
Fortistar Acquires Two Landfillgas to Energy Projects
Pressure Technologies Acquires Greenlane Biogas
SCS Engineers Inks Agreement with Ener-Core
Norske Skogindustrier to Construct Biogas Plant in Norway
Wyke Farms Upgrades Biogas Plant
Scania Commercial Vehicles India to Construct Biogas Facility in Nagpur
RedT Energy Sells its US Biogas Operations
German Biogas Association Partners with Indian Biogas Association
Camco Clean Energy to Sell US Biogas Assets to Clean Power Holdings
Agraferm Technologies to Build Three Biogas Facilities in South Korea
Weltec Biopower to Construct Biogas Plant in Australia
Bayerische Motoren Werke Inks Deal with Bio2Watt
Greenlane Biogas partners with China Agricultural University
Greenlane Biogas Secures Contract from Sifang Leo Livestock Science and Technology
Farnek Installs First Biogas Plant in Rural Nepal
Capstone Turbine Receives Order for Biogas-Fueled C1000 Microturbine
EnviTec Biogas Commissions First Biogas Plant in Osaka
AssetGen Partners Signs Contract with Bouygues Energies & Services
Schmack Biogas Receives Contract for Biomethane Plant Construction
Modcon Systems Unveils MOD 560 Biogas Analyser
GE Power & Water to Take Over Monsal
Geopower Energy Takes Over Interest in Blue Mountain Biogas Project
National Grid Awards Contract to AECOM Technology
Sunshine Gas Producers Commences Power Generation at Sunshine Canyon Landfill Facility
NPG Energy Opens NPG BIO II Biogas Plant
Himark BioGas Inks Agreement with NEO Energy
GEI Global Energy Executes Biogas Fuel Cell Power Generation System Purchase Order
FLI Energy Commences Construction of Fraddon Biogas Plant
Xebec Adsorption Commissions Biogas to Renewable Hydrogen Purification Plant
Harvest Power to Open a Biogas-Fuelled CHP Plant
Envitec Biogas Constructs Two Biogas Facilities in Czech Republic
Wartsila Opens Biogas Liquefaction Facility in Norway
Murphy-Brown and Roeslein Alternative Energy to Develop Renewable Biogas Project
Schmack Biogas UK to Construct Biogas Plant on the Isle of Wight
Aseagas Starts Construction of Biogas Plant in Batangas
BioConversion Solutions to Supply Anaerobic Digestion System
Gruppo AB to Build Two Biogas Plants in Bulgaria
Envitec Biogas Commences Biogas Plant Construction in China
CCEMC Opens Biogas Plant in Canada
GE to Supply Biogas Engines for an Israeli Cogeneration Plant
Weltec Biopower Starts Construction of Biogas Plants in France
MT-Biomethan Receives Contract to Supply Equipment for Biogas Plants
Novozymes and Novo Nordisk Collaborate to Install Biogas Reactor
MT-Energie Inaugurates Biogas Plant in California
Bebra Biogas Inks Cooperation Agreement with SolarElit
UTS Biogas Rolls Out “ProCon” Containerised Solution for Biogas Plants
BTS Biogas Enters into a strategic agreement with Birumen Kagoshima
2G Energy AG (Germany)
Air Liquide (France)
Bosch KWK Systeme GmbH (Germany)
Caspari GmbH (Germany)
Cirmac (The Netherlands)
DGE GmbH (Germany)
DMT Environmental Technology BV (The Netherlands)
DVO, Inc. (USA)
EnviTec Biogas AG (Germany)
Greenlane Biogas (UK)
Guild Associates, Inc. (USA)
RCM Digesters, Inc. (USA)
Schmack Biogas AG (Germany)
UTS Biogastechnik GmbH (Germany)
Xebec Adsorption USA, Inc. (USA)

A. Market Analysis
Focus on Select Regional Markets
Table 74: Australian Biogas Market by Category (2015): Percentage Share of Biogas Utilization for CHP, Electricity, Flare and Heat (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 75: Australian Biogas Market (2015): Percentage Share of Biogas Utilization for Agricultural, Biowaste, Industrial, and Sewage Sludge (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 76: Brazilian Biogas Plants Market by Plant Type (2015): Percentage Share of Gas Production for Agriculture, Biowaste, Industrial, Landfills, and Sewage Sludge (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 77: Brazilian Biogas Plants Market by Category (2015): Percentage Share of Biogas Utilization for Electricity and Heat (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
UNIDO Launches Ambitious Project to Promote Commercial Biogas Plants
Mexico Working on Turning Organic Waste of Central de Abasto into Biogas
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea
Table 78: South Korean Biogas Plant Market by Type (2015): Percentage Share Breakdown of Number of Plants and Production (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 79: South Korean Biogas Plant Market by Category (2015): Percentage Share Breakdown of Biogas Utilization (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Strategic Corporate Developments
B. Market Analytics
Table 80: Rest of World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Biogas Plants Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2015 through 2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 81: Rest of World Historic Review for Biogas Plants Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2009 through 2014 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Total Companies Profiled: 87 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 94)
The United States (16)
Canada (5)
Europe (66)
- France (2)
- Germany (31)
- The United Kingdom (12)
- Italy (2)
- Rest of Europe (19)
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (4)
Latin America (2)
Africa (1)