◆英語タイトル:5G and Robotics: Emerging Technologies, Solutions, Market Outlook and Forecasts
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Robotics is on a high growth trajectory within both industrial and consumer sectors. The fifth generation (5G) of wireless technology will provide the communications and bandwidth necessary to allow various industries to leverage the next phase of robotics evolution. Enterprise users will capitalize upon new and enhanced robotics capabilities to enable new use cases and improved work flow. Many business processes will change as enterprise becomes more savvy about the flexibility of robotics uninhibited by bandwidth constraints.
This research assesses the impact of 5G on robotics industry including industry verticals and leading vendors. The report evaluates the impact of artificial intelligence on robotics combined with 5G. The report analyzes emerging areas and those enhanced by 5G such as remote operation and cognition as a service respectively. This report includes forecasts for 5G enabled autonomous robots on global and regional basis.


1 Introduction
1.1 5G Network Requirements and Roadmap
1.2 5G Mobile Services
1.3 Robots
1.3.1 Industrial Robotics
1.3.2 Consumer Robotics
1.4 Generation of Robotics
1.5 5G Enabled Autonomous Robots
2 5G Robot Services
2.1 Robot Based Service
2.1.1 Cyber Physical System
2.2 5G Robot Service Types
2.2.1 Teleoperation Service
2.2.2 Smart Industrialization Service
2.3 5G Robot Service Requirements
3 Market Dynamics Analysis
3.1 Growth Factors
3.1.1 Proliferation of Connected Devices
3.1.2 IoT Use Cases
3.1.3 Software Defined Infrastructure
3.1.4 Processing and Storage in Cloud
3.1.5 Remote Operation
3.1.6 Cognition as a Services
3.1.7 Robot Sensors
3.1.8 Use of Artificial Intelligence
3.1.9 Mobile Cloud Robotics
3.1.10 Robotics APIs 22
3.1.11 Investment in 5G and Robotics
3.2 Technology and Market Limitations
4 5G Enabled Robotics Applications
4.1 Healthcare Services
4.2 Manufacturing Processes and Logistics
4.3 Autonomous Vehicles
4.4 Smart Factories
4.5 Agriculture
4.6 Private Security and Public Safety
4.7 Retail Services
4.8 Transportation
4.9 Military Services
5 5G Enabled Robotics Solution Providers
5.1 Intel
5.2 Asus
5.3 Samsung
5.4 Ericsson
5.5 Nokia
5.6 Honda Motors
5.7 Adept Technology
5.8 Lely Group
5.9 Google
5.10 Northrop Grumman Corporation
5.11 Bluefin Robotics Corporation
5.12 ABB Ltd
5.13 Yaskawa Electric Corporation
5.14 Amazon Robotics
5.15 iRobot
5.16 Auris Surgical Robotics
5.17 3D Robotics
5.18 Paslin
5.19 KUKA
5.20 SoftBank
5.21 RealDoll
5.22 True Companion
6 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Forecasts
6.1 Global Market Revenue
6.1.1 Autonomous Robot Market
6.1.2 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market
6.1.3 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market by Categories
6.2 Regional Market Revenue
6.2.1 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot by Region
6.2.2 North America 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market by Categories
6.2.3 Europe 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market by Categories
6.2.4 APAC 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market by Categories
7 Conclusions and Recommendations


Figure 1: 5G Development and Roadmap
Figure 2: 5G Mobile Service Scenario
Figure 3: Six-axis Welding Robot
Figure 4: Automatic Vacuuming Consumer Device Roomba
Figure 5: Autonomous Soccer Robots
Figure 6: 5G Mobile Services, Robots, and Network Requirements
Figure 7: 5G Enabled IoT Healthcare Service
Figure 8: 5G Enabled Mobile Cloud Robotics Scenario
Figure 9: EU Funding in Robotics PPP and Other Objectives
Figure 10: Robot Based Remote Surgery Service
Figure 11: Robots Assembling in Auto Manufacturing Plant
Figure 12: Mobile Robot Driven Autonomous Car
Figure 13: High Fidelity Robotics Simulation in Smart Parking System
Figure 14: Robots Palletizing Food Products in Bakery
Figure 15: Robotics Enabled Machine Harvesting
Figure 16: 5G Enabled Private Security and Public Safety Services
Figure 17: Four Wheeler Autonomous Pizza Delivery Robots
Figure 18: 5G and Robot Enabled Smart Transportation Services
Figure 19: 5G Based Military Drone Operating Remotely
Figure 20: Combat Robot on Ground
Figure 21: Asus Zenbo Robot
Figure 22: Samsung Robotics Arm
Figure 23: Mobile Cloud Robotics Shuttling Materials
Figure 24: Nokia NRS -15 Welding Robot
Figure 25: Honda Robotics Products
Figure 26: Cobra SCARA, Parallel and Viper Six-Axis Robots
Figure 27: Automated Milking Robots
Figure 28: The Less Skynet-Y Robot
Figure 29: Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotics System
Figure 30: ABB Robotics Product Feature and Robot Calculator
Figure 31: Yaskawa Robotics Product Line
Figure 32: Kiva Robots in Amazon Warehouse
Figure 33: 3D Robotics Solo Drone
Figure 34: Pepper Robot Taking MasterCard Payment
Figure 35: Global Autonomous Robot Market 2018 – 2030
Figure 36: Global 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market 2022 – 2030
Figure 37: Global 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market by Category 2022 – 2030
Figure 38: 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market by Region 2022 – 2030
Figure 39: North America 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market by Category 2022 – 2030
Figure 40: Europe 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market by Category 2022 – 2030
Figure 41: APAC 5G Enabled Autonomous Robot Market by Category 2022 – 2030