【英語タイトル】Europe POCT Device market Analysis : Companies Profiles, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast to 2024

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Data Bridgeが出版した本調査レポートでは、POCT(ポイントオブケア検査)デバイスのヨーロッパ市場について調査・分析し、POCT(ポイントオブケア検査)デバイスのヨーロッパ市場動向、市場予測、セグメント別分析、POCT(ポイントオブケア検査)デバイス市場規模、関連企業分析などを含め以下の構成でお届けいたします。

Europe POCT device market is expected to reach USD 11.69 billion by 2024 from USD 6.05 billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 8.6% in the forecast period 2017 to 2024. Based on geography, the Europe POCT device market is segmented into 11 geographical regions, such as,

United Kingdom,
Switzerland and
Rest of Europe.

Europe POCT device market competition by top players including –
Alere Inc.
F. Hoffmann la roche Diagnostics Limited
Siemens AG
Becton, Dickinson and Company
Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.
PTS Diagnostics
Instrumentation Laboratory
Nova Biomedical
Beckman Coulter, Inc.

The Europe POCT device market is segmented on the basis of product type, prescription mode, distribution channel, end user, and geography.
The Europe POCT device market is segmented into twelve types, namely blood glucose testing kits, cardio metabolic monitoring kits, infectious disease testing kits, cholesterol testing kits, pregnancy and fertility tests kits, tumor/cancer markers, urinalysis testing kits, cholesterol test strips, hematology testing kits, drugs of abuse testing kits, fecal occult testing kits, rapid coagulation testing kits, and others.
Cardiometabolic monitoring kits are further segmented into cardiac markers, blood gas/electrolytes testing kits, HbA1c testing kits, and lipids testing.

Also, infectious disease testing kits are further segmented into influenza testing kits, HIV testing kits, hepatitis C testing kits, sexually-transmitted diseases testing kits, tropical diseases testing kits, healthcare-associated infections, and respiratory infections testing kit.

Cholesterol testing kits are further divided into prothrombin time testing kits and activated clotting time testing kit.
On the basis of prescription mode, the Europe point-of-care testing market is segmented into prescription based testing and over-the-counter (OTC) testing.

On the basis of distribution channel, the Europe point-of-care testing market is segmented into direct tenders and retail.
On the basis of end users, the Europe point-of-care testing market is segmented into hospital, clinics, ambulatory care, home healthcare, and research laboratory.


Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Objectives Of The Study
1.2. Market Definition
1.3. Overview Of Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market
1.4. Currency And Pricing
1.5. Limitation
1.6. Markets Covered
2. Market Segmentation
2.1. Markets Covered
2.2. Geographic Scope
2.3. Years Considered For The Study
2.4. Currency And Pricing
2.5. Research Methodology
2.6. Primary Interviews With Key Opinion Leaders
2.7. Secondary Sourc
2.8. Assumptions
3. Market Overview
3.1. Drivers
3.1.1. Growing Geriatric Population
3.1.2. Advancement In Technology
3.1.3. Decentralized Laboratory Testing
3.1.4. Increased Incidence Of Chronic Diseases
3.1.5. Laboratory Staff Shortages
3.2. Restraints
3.2.1. Unfavourable Reimbursement Scenario
3.2.2. Economic Cost
3.3. Opportunities
3.3.1. Emerging Microfluidic Lab-On-A-Chip Technology
3.3.2. Emerging Markets
3.3.3. Unmet Medical Needs
3.4. Challenges
3.4.1. Lack Of Accuracy And Efficiency
3.4.2. Data Management And Lack Of Connectivity
3.4.3. Testing Performed By Non-Laboratory Personnel And Lack Of Awareness Among The Users
4. Executive Summary
5. Premium Insights
6. Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market: Regulatory Scenario
6.1. Overview:
6.1.1. Regulatory Procedure:
7. Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market: Reimbursement Scenario
7.1. Overview:
8. Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market, By Product Type
8.1. Overview
8.2. Cardiometabolic Monitoring Kits
8.2.1. Cardiac Markers
8.2.2. Blood Gas Electrolyte Testing Kits
8.2.3. Hba1C Testing Kits
8.2.4. Lipid Testing Kits
8.3. Infectious Disease Testing Kits
8.3.1. Influenza Testing Kits
8.3.2. Hiv Testing Kits
8.3.3. Hepatitis Testing Kits
8.3.4. Std Testing Kits
8.3.5. Tropical Diseasestesting Kits
8.3.6. Healthcare Associated Testing Kits
8.3.7. Respiratory Infections Testing Kits
8.4. Cholesterol Testing Kits
8.4.1. Prothrombin Time Testing Kits
8.4.2. Activated Clotting Time Testing Kits
8.5. Blood Glucose Testing Kits
8.6. Pregnancy And Fertility Testing Kits
8.7. Tumor Cancer Markers
8.8. Urinalysis Testing Kits
8.9. Hematology Testing Kits
8.10. Drugs Of Abuse Testing Kits
8.11. Fecal Occult Testing Kits
8.12. Rapid Coagulation Testing Kits
9. Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market, By Distribution Channel
9.1. Overview
9.1.1. Direct Tender
9.1.2. Retail Pharmacy
10. Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market, By End User
10.1. Overview
10.2. Europe Poct Market: Hospitals
10.3. Europe Poct Market: Clinics
10.4. Europe Poct Market: Ambulatory Care
10.5. Europe Poct Market: Home Healthcare
10.6. Europe Poct Market: Research Laboratories

11. Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market, By Prescription Mode
11.1. Overview
11.2. Europe Poct Market: Prescription Based Testing Kits
11.3. Europe Poct Market: Over The Counter Based Testing Kits
12. Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market, By Geography
12.1. Overview
12.2. Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.1. Germany Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.2. France Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.3. U.K. Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.4. Italy Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.5. Spain Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.6. Russia Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.7. Turkey Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.8. Belgium Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.9. Netherlands Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.10. Switzerland Point-Of-Care Testing Market
12.2.11. Rest Of Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market
13. Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market : Company Landscape
13.1. Company Share Analysis: Europe
13.2. Company Share Analysis: North America
13.3. Company Share Analysis: Europe
13.4. Company Share Analysis: Asia-Pacific
14. Company Profiles
14.1. Johnson And Johnson Services, Inc.
14.1.1. Company Overview
14.1.2. Revenue Analysis
14.1.3. Product Portfolio
14.1.4. Recent Developments
14.2. Becton, Dickinson And Company
14.2.1. Company Overview
14.2.2. Revenue Analysis
14.2.3. Product Portfolio
14.2.4. Recent Developments
14.3. Medtronic
14.3.1. Company Overview
14.3.2. Revenue Analysis
14.3.3. Product Portfolio
14.3.4. Recent Developments
14.4. F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
14.4.1. Company Overview
14.4.2. Revenue Analysis
14.4.3. Product Portfolio
14.4.4. Recent Developments
14.5. Siemens Ag
14.5.1. Company Overview
14.5.2. Revenue Analysis
14.5.3. Product Portfolio
14.5.4. Recent Developments
14.6. Abbott
14.6.1. Company Overview
14.6.2. Revenue Analysis
14.6.3. Product Portfolio
14.6.4. Product Pipeline
14.6.5. Recent Developments
14.7. Danaher
14.7.1. Company Overview
14.7.2. Revenue Analysis
14.7.3. Product Portfolio
14.7.4. Recent Developments
14.8. Werfenlife
14.8.1. Company Overview
14.8.2. Revenue Analysis
14.8.3. Product Portfolio
14.8.4. Recent Developments
14.9. Henry Schein, Inc.
14.9.1. Company Overview
14.9.2. Revenue Analysis
14.9.3. Product Portfolio
14.9.4. Recent Developments
14.10. Opti Medical (Subsidiary Of Idexx Laboratories, Inc)
14.10.1. Company Overview
14.10.2. Revenue Analysis
14.10.3. Product Portfolio
14.10.4. Recent Developments
14.11. Sienco, Inc.
14.11.1. Company Overview
14.11.2. Revenue Analysis
14.11.3. Product Portfolio
14.11.4. Recent Developments
14.12. Acon Laboratories, Inc.
14.12.1. Company Overview
14.12.2. Revenue Analysis
14.12.3. Product Portfolio
14.12.4. Recent Developments
14.13. Ativa Medical Corporation
14.13.1. Company Overview
14.13.2. Revenue Analysis
14.13.3. Product Portfolio
14.13.4. Recent Developments
14.14. Abaxis
14.14.1. Company Overview
14.14.2. Revenue Analysis
14.14.3. Product Portfolio
14.14.4. Recent Developments
14.15. Arkray, Inc
14.15.1. Company Overview
14.15.2. Revenue Analysis
14.15.3. Product Portfolio
14.15.4. Recent Developments
14.16. Aerscher Diagnostics, Llc
14.16.1. Company Overview
14.16.2. Revenue Analysis
14.16.3. Product Portfolio
14.16.4. Recent Developments
14.17. Artron Laboratories, Inc.
14.17.1. Company Overview
14.17.2. Revenue Analysis
14.17.3. Product Portfolio
14.17.4. Recent Developments
14.18. Biomerieux Sa
14.18.1. Company Overview
14.18.2. Revenue Analysis
14.18.3. Product Portfolio
14.18.4. Recent Developments
14.19. Entopsis
14.19.1. Company Overview
14.19.2. Revenue Analysis
14.19.3. Product Portfolio
14.19.4. Recent Developments
14.20. Lifesign, Llc.
14.20.1. Company Overview
14.20.2. Revenue Analysis
14.20.3. Product Portfolio
14.20.4. Recent Developments
15. Related Reports

Figures List

Figure 1 Europepoint-Of-Care Testing Market Snapshot (2017)
Figure 2 Europepoint-Of-Care Testing Market By Country (2017)
Figure 3 Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market By Country (2016 & 2024)
Figure 4 Europepoint-Of-Care Testing Market By Product Type (2017 & 2024)
Figure 5 Europe Point-Of-Care Testing Market: Company Share 2016 (%)



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