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Shigella are a highly infectious Gram-negative, non-sporulating, facultative anaerobic bacteria. They produce toxins, which cause a clinical presentation known as Shigellosis. Shigellosis comprises of systemic symptoms such as fever, headache, malaise, anorexia and occasional vomiting. Although shigellosis in otherwise healthy individuals is generally self-limiting, persistent diarrhoea in young children can be serious with the additional risk of seizures, haemolytic uraemic syndrome and other rare complications, which include encephalopathy. Most importantly, Shigella is the fifth most common known cause of diarrhoeal death in children aged <5 years, mostly in the developing world. In 1999, there were estimated to be 164.7 million cases of shigellosis annually globally in 1999, with 1.1 million deaths (WHO Figures).

A Shigella vaccine that can protect against all strains that produce clinically important disease is needed (i.e. a multivalent vaccine). International agencies such as PATH, WHO, and major national agencies such as the NIH are co-funding vaccine development to speed the development of safe, effective and affordable vaccines against Shigella. Some candidates e.g. WRAIR, GSK and PATH are in active clinical development.

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive MS Excel-based model + summary presentation that forecasts the potential commercial value of Shigella vaccines across endemic and travelers markets to 2035. Each model contains value ($ m) and volume (mio doses) predictions along with launch timeframe, TPP, pricing and penetration estimates. LO/BASE/HI forecast scenarios are included based upon a risk classification of countries in terms of Shigella spp. disease incidence. An up to date review is also given for latest disease background and epidemiology, along with current R&D status.




****This product is composed of one forecast model and a summary presentation

Title page
Author’s note
Shigella: country risk definitions
Executive summary
Commercial model: key outputs
Shigella vaccines: global forecast revenue ($m) to 2035
Shigella vaccines: global forecast volume (000s doses) to 2035
Shigella vaccines: volume (000s doses) by country risk to 2035
Shigella vaccines: breakdown per endemic countries to 2035
Shigella vaccines: breakdown by Traveller origin (overall and High-risk) to 2035
Shigella vaccines: breakdown by Traveller origin (Medium-risk and Low-risk)
Shigella vaccines: country market share in 2030 (endemic and travellers)
Shigella spp. Disease background and epidemiology
Shigella spp. – The pathogens
Transmission of Shigella
Pathophysiology of shigellosis
Shigella toxins
Clinical presentation of shigellosis
Complications of shigellosis
Shigella is an important cause of diarrhoea globally
Incidence of shigellosis by geographic region, 1984-2005
Global distribution of Shigella species
Epidemiology of Shigella spp.
Seroepidemiology of S. flexneri
Morbidity and mortality associated with shigellosis
Risk factors for shigellosis – developing regions
Risk factors for shigellosis – industrialised regions
Risk factors for shigellosis in travellers
Economic burden of shigellosis
Treatment of shigellosis: Current approaches
Antimicrobial therapy for shigellosis
Antibiotic resistance in Shigella
Vaccination against Shigella spp. Rationale and approaches
Rationale for vaccination against Shigella
Approaches to a Shigella vaccine
Choice of serotypes for a vaccine
History of Shigella vaccine development
Shigella spp. vaccines in development: overview of current R&D
History of Shigella vaccine development
Vaccines in development (1) – live attenuated vaccines
Vaccines in development (2) – inactivated and other vaccines
Clinical trial data – live attenuated vaccines
Clinical trial data – subunit and conjugate vaccines
Potential lead candidates for licensure
Shigella spp. vaccines: target product profiles
Shigella spp. vaccines: modelling the potential market
Modelling assumptions: endemic countries
Modelling assumptions: countries of traveler origin
Case data: hepatitis A vaccine uptake rate in international travellers
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