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Intranasal drug delivery has evolved in the recent years as a significant method of delivering drugs through the nasal route. This method has been identified to have all the potential to achieve significant milestones in the pharmaceutical industry, as it is largely driven by its capability to cure local infections and chronic allergies. The human nose, which has a unique vascular structure, makes it specifically accessible for delivering small molecule drugs and biologics. By taking advantage of the conducive healthcare trends and changing demography, the intranasal drug delivery route is likely to capture the popularity of other leading methods of drug delivery such as oral and parenteral.
The use of nasal sprays and inhalers has had a great impact in improving the drug administration experience, enhancing compliance rates, and ensuring safety. These systems have emerged as a segment with huge potential for the future and are playing an increasingly prominent role in a range of competitive intranasal devices markets. The growth and competitiveness of the intranasal drugs and devices market has led to the extensive development and innovation of new and nth-generation devices which have the capacity to overcome the limitations of the previous drug delivery technologies.

With an increasing number of patients preferring to use self-administering devices like sprays and inhalers to avoid the pain, the market for these products is likely to grow at a substantial rate in the near future. This increasing demand is also having a great impact in terms of attracting new companies into the market. The future years are expected to witness a steady increase in chronic diseases, if not a rapid increase and this is also a major driver of intranasal drug delivery technologies.
The intranasal drug delivery market is likely to witness more developments in formulation techniques, like improvised micro-encapsulation techniques, more use of muco adhesive and surfactant agents and nanotechnology. This would in turn lead to an increased number of new chemical entities which could possibly be considered as the active ingredients for future intranasal drug products. Similarly, it is also expected that modern approaches to vaccination would be increasingly used which could also generate a wide range of new prophylactic and therapeutic products which would be appropriate for delivery through the nasal route.

“Global Intranasal Drug Delivery Market & Pipeline Insight” Report Highlights:
• Intranasal Drug Delivery Market Overview
• Mechanism & Application Intranasal Drug Delivery
• Nasal Drug Delivery System: Powder, Gels, Liquid & Pressurized MDI
• Intranasal Drug Clinical Pipeline Insight by Indication, Phase, Company & Country
• Intranasal Drug Clinical Pipeline: 177 Drugs
• Majority Drugs in Preclinical Phase: 65
• Market Intranasal Drugs: 34


1. Introduction to Intranasal Drug Delivery

2. Intranasal Drug Delivery Mechanism
2.1 Mechanism of Nasal Absorption
2.2 Types of Nasal Drug Delivery System Dosages
2.2.1 Liquid Nasal Formulations
2.2.2 Pressurized MDI
2.2.3 Powder Devices
2.2.4 Nasal Gels

3. Need for Intranasal Drug Delivery

4. Applications of Intranasal Drug Delivery
4.1 Delivery of Non Peptide Pharmaceuticals
4.2 Delivery of Peptide Based Pharmaceuticals
4.3 Delivery of Drugs to Brain through Nasal Cavity
4.4 Delivery of Vaccines through Nasal Route
4.5 Delivery of Diagnostic Drugs

5. Intranasal Drug Delivery Market Overview
5.1 Current Market Scenario
5.2 Intranasal Drug Clinical Pipeline Overview

6. Intranasal Drug Delivery Market Dynamics
6.1 Favorable Market Parameters
6.2 Challenges in Drug Delivery

7. Intranasal Drug Delivery Market Future Outlook
7.1 Future Scenario
7.2 Advances in Delivery Devices

8. Intranasal Drug Clinical Pipeline by Indication, Phase, Company & Country
8.1 Research
8.2 Preclinical
8.3 Clinical
8.4 Phase-I
8.5 Phase-I/II
8.6 Phase-II
8.7 Phase-II/III
8.8 Phase-III
8.9 Preregistration
8.10 Registered

9. Marketed Intranasal Drugs by Indication, Company & Country

10. Suspended & Discontinued Intranasal Drugs in Clinical Pipeline by Indication, Phase, Company & Country
10.1 No Development Reported
10.2 Discontinued
10.3 Market Withdrawal
10.4 Suspended

11. Competitive Landscape
11.1 Aegis Therapeutics
11.2 Archimedes Pharma
11.3 GlaxoSmithKline
11.4 MEDA AB
11.5 MedImmune
11.6 Merck
11.7 NanoBio Corporation
11.8 Novartis
11.9 OptiNose
11.10 Pherin Pharmaceuticals

Figure 1-1: Intranasal Drug Delivery Formulations
Figure 2-1: Intranasal Drug Delivery Mechanism
Figure 2-2: Nasal Drug Delivery System Dosages Forms
Figure 5-1: Composition of Drug Delivery Market
Figure 5-2: Global Intranasal Drug Delivery Market (US$ Billion), 2013-2018
Figure 5-3: Intranasal Drug Delivery Therapeutic Applications
Figure 5-4: Regional Break-up of Intranasal Drug Delivery Market
Figure 5-5: Intranasal Drug Clinical Pipeline by Phase (%), 2014
Figure 5-6: Intranasal Drug Clinical Pipeline by Phase (Number), 2014
Figure 5-7: No Development Reported in Intranasal Drug by Phase (%), 2014
Figure 5-8: No Development Reported in Intranasal Drug by Phase (Number), 2014
Figure 5-9: Discontinued Intranasal Drug in Pipeline by Phase (%), 2014
Figure 5-10: Discontinued Intranasal Drug in Pipeline by Phase (Number), 2014
Figure 5-11: Suspended Intranasal Drug in Pipeline by Phase (%), 2014
Figure 5-12: Suspended Intranasal Drug in Pipeline by Phase (Number), 2014
Figure 11-1: NanoBio Clinical Pipeline
Figure 11-2: Pherin Pharmaceuticals


Aegis Therapeutics, Archimedes Pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, MEDA AB, MedImmune, Merck, NanoBio Corporation, Novartis, OptiNose, Pherin Pharmaceuticals





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